Freedom For Florida Death Row Dog

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Broward County’s canine death row dog Brandie was released Friday to her relieved family, who fought for months and spent thousands of dollars saving their pet’s life. The dog was branded as dangerous for killing an unleashed teacup poodle that ran up to her while she was on a walk in her Coconut Creek neighborhood.

Brandie, an 11-year-old husky, was seen leaving the pound wearing a mesh muzzle and sporting a “Dangerous Dog” tag.

Substantial press coverage and heat from the local community are said to have been factors in her release. Brandie is one of at least 59 dogs sentenced to die under Broward County’s 2008 dangerous dog ordinance, and is among the few who were not euthanized.  Beth Lipsky, Brandie’s owner said, “It teaches us all a lesson, that you can fight City Hall with the community holding you up on (its) shoulders.”

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12 thoughts on “Freedom For Florida Death Row Dog”

  1. Pawesome news! We have followed this story for a while now and are so glad Brandie has won her freedom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. So happy to see a happy ending !! Very touching video, It gives me hope for when I get frustrated and feel like theres no hope when it comes to saving these beutiful animals …..

  3. Yeah!!! God bless all the people that fought for Brandie to come home to her family. Enjoy a wonderful, wonderful life, Brandie!

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is the first time that I heard about this story and I hope that they continue to fight against the Dangerous Dog Act.

    I rescued a Bull Terrier from Winnipeg in 2008 who was deemed dangerous. His home backed onto a school yard and he watched the children run around and scream all day. He escaped his yard one day and ran over to play with them. One little girl froze and they both fell as he ran into her. As he went to push off, he scratched her and drew blood. This led the girl’s family to sue and Tazz was deemed dangerous. Tazz’s family couldn’t get house insurance and without insurance, he couldn’t be licensed. A loving family was forced to give up a great dog because of a scratch. It’s unfortunate that some people see an opportunity to make some money and don’t care about the consequences.

    I also live in Ontario and we have BSL here. Thousands of dogs have been murdered based on their looks. One dog, Ginger, was sentenced to death after an unleashed dog attacked her (on leash) and ripped off her muzzle. The other dog caused permanent damage to Ginger’s eye, but because she was a “Pit Bull”, she was the one who paid. I’ve met Ginger multiple times and she is very friendly around everyone, including dogs. I don’t see how you can hold a dog responsible when it was only defending itself against an aggressive dog.

    Congratulations to Brandie and family! I hope that they can influence some politicians in a positive way.

  5. I have a client who owns the cutest, most lovable Yorkshire Terrier. But when he is outside in his yard, he kills bunnies, birds, baby groundhogs and once I tried in vain to save a kitten from him. He’s doing what he was bred for, but if he were to attack a puppy, HE might be considered dangerous. And he’s ‘just’ a Yorkie!

    The size of the package doesn’t matter. It’s how the owners handle them. Be responsible! Know your dog, know the breed, and take all things into consideration. That way, these types of stories would become a thing of the past.

    Brandie’s family is lucky to have a second chance. Best wishes for them!

  6. Was it a Husky that killed Josee??? It was not Brandie’s fault that the Teacup Poodle is dead. If the owner was keeping her pup on a leash it would still be alive. I DO feel for the owners of the Poodle, but I am also on Brandie’s side since she was the one minding her own business. Anyway, I’m just glad Brandie’s gonna be OK… 🙂


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