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From Dog Farm to Rescue: A South Korean Dog’s Tale

by Katherine

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Bomi is a South Korean dog abused and neglected by his owners for many years. The Jindo dog was raised for the dog-meat slaughter industry, but the fate of the female pet changed when The Fuzzy Pet Foundation (TFPF) came to its rescue.

In April of 2013, CARE, a South Korean animal rescue organization, contacted TFPF. They wanted to help Bomi and offer her a better life.

Her entire life was spent chained up to a metal pole. The chain was not long enough to allow her to seek rescue in a nearby dog house, and the neglected dog had been bred multiple times. Bomi’s body was covered in open sores and mange. She lived in constant pain, yet she patiently waited for someone to save her.

Bomi before and after.
Bomi before and after.


CARE pulled Bomi from her abusive owners, treated her skin ailments, and socialized her. They wanted the dog to learn what it was to be loved and well cared for, and that is why they contacted TFPF.

“For many months, [we] worked hard to arrange Bomi’s transport from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, Calif.,” said TFPF. “With the generous help from one of our supporters, actress Alyssa Milano, Bomi was flown on airplane to California on November 12, 2013.”

Prior to the pet’s arrival, the rescue organization worked hard to secure a foster home and the proper medical care she needed, and ever since Bomi stepped into America, she has only proper care and unconditional love.

The dog’s recovery has been remarkable. She no longer is the scared, sick, and sad dog CARE and TFPF met in South Korea.

Learn more about The Fuzzy Pet Foundation on their website and Facebook page.