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Fundraiser for German Shepherd Facing Euthanasia Becoming a Desperate Situation

by Fred

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We need your help to save a life.  According to an animal control officer in Missouri, this beautiful German shepherd being rescued by Missouri GSD is facing being put down unless we can help the rescue crew gather the funds for her necessary treatment and boarding!  We understand that the holidays just passed and money may be tight.  However, if you can help, we would be overjoyed to save this beautiful dog.

Unfortunately, overcrowding is the issue in this case.  As many of us dog lovers know, this is an issue that’s rampant all across the country, and in other places throughout the world.  Too many stray dogs and not enough people willing to help them has created a massive overpopulation issue that needs to e addressed.


The dog is called Lady, and her time is running very short.  If you can help out, please click here to donate.  The email address attached to the PayPal based fundraiser is [email protected].

The clock is ticking, and she really needs us to step in for her.  Thank you very much in advance for your thoughtful consideration.  We know that we have the best readers on the internet, and you always come through for us!