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Fundraiser for Senior Dog Needing Life-Saving Surgery

by Fred

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After undergoing a very painful surgery to remove 11 teeth due to a mouth infection, Halle is still not out of the woods.  She still needs surgery to clear up the infection that’s now taken over her nose, making it hard for her to breathe properly.  If you can, please consider a donation to this very worthy cause.

My 10-y/o pug/mini-pincher mix has a small lump on her face (beside right eye, above right nasal cavity). She was also bleeding from her right nostril. The vet thought it was caused by an abscess, thus she underwent dental scaling/extraction and had 11 teeth extracted.

After one month of antibiotic therapy and daily dental hygiene, the lump has grown slightly bigger. Her nose started bleeding again, right after her last dose of antibiotic, thus I brought her to another vet for a second opinion. She will require a CT scan, and, subsequent removal and biopsy of her lump.

I am on long-term anti-depressants for chronic depression and anxiety. Halle calms me down. I wish to do whatever I can in terms of investigations and treatment to keep Halle by my side. A small dog like her can live up to 20-y/o.

However, veterinary fees are mounting and I am feeling really stretched. I am totally self-supportive (no family), renting a room for USD354/mth. Chronic depression (on long-term meds, fluvoxamine and diazepam) causes me to have trouble keeping a job. Currently I am working part-time.

I would like to try crowd-funding as a way of helping me foot my dog’s veterinary fees. I will keep everyone updated by posting photos of Halle and her veterinary bills. I have already spent >USD708 on teeth extraction/scaling and investigations. The vet said that a CT scan costs >USD750. I have not included the cost of surgery and biopsy that she will inevitably have to go through.

I have three senior dogs in total, but I am only asking everyone to help me fund one dog’s veterinary bills. Just a few dollars from each person can go a long way.