Girl on a Mission Helps Injured Police Dog

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While a number of dramatic news stories dominated last week’s headlines, an 11-year-old girl from Cottage Grove, OR carried out an inspiring rescue mission on behalf of an ailing, injured police dog.

Kline, a German shepherd, was injured four years ago during a training exercise.  While chomping on a bite sleeve he pinched a nerve in his neck, which eventually led to paralysis in his back legs.

Moved by his sacrifice and his service, local 11-year-old Calen Munoz went to work on behalf of the dog, enlisting the help of her step-father, Britton Munoz, soliciting donations for the injured pooch and inspiring others in her community to do the same. A local news station got wind of her efforts and ran the story, and 24 hours later, Calen had collected more than double the funds required to buy Kline a new wheelchair, with donations pouring in from across the US.

Encouraged by the success of their efforts and the support of thuosands of dog lovers, the father-daughter team say they will continue to help disabled police or military dogs who need wheel chairs. “It’s just overwhelmingly exciting. I mean, thank you is not good enough for people who have donated,” Britton Munoz said.

Kline gets his new wheels in about two weeks, and Calen could not be happier. “I got this idea when I saw Kline walking around, scraping his leg up. It was sad to see him walking around,” Calen says. “The wheelchair is going to help him have a better quality of life.”

22 thoughts on “Girl on a Mission Helps Injured Police Dog”

  1. So, any videos of this lucky dog since he got a wheelchair??? I’d love to see it as I’m sure other would as well! Kudos to this young lady and her father for caring!!

  2. Thats wonderful of her!! The guy who had that sleeve on should be beaten!! If he does not know how to properly train the dog with the sleeve he should have never been allowed around dogs! I bet he still has full movement of HIS legs! It makes me sick how ignorant some people can be but this girl was an angel to help Kline. Way to go girl!!!

  3. I agree…and that guy who had the sleeve on that injured the dog should have been sued and made pay for Kline a wheelchair and ALL vet bills.


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