Give Senior Dog Baby a Reason to Be Thankful

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11.27.13 - Black Chihuahua2

The four kinds of dogs most likely to be euthanized at shelters are pit bulls, Chihuahuas, seniors and black dogs. Baby has three out of these four things against her, and her time in Los Angeles County may be limited. Make her Thanksgiving by saving her life!

When Chihuahua mix Baby was surrendered to Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control: Baldwin Park Shelter on November 20, her intake photo shows a happy and smiley dog. She probably thought she was being taken to some friendly new person’s house for an adventure.

11.27.13 - Black Chihuahua

But a week later, she knows that she is never going home again. Now she lies in her kennel, forlorn, fearful and confused. Where is her family, and why have they left her in this strange place all alone?

She is a sweet dog, and deserves to be part of a true family. Give Baby a reason to smile again – adopt her today.

For more information on Baby, please click here.



12 thoughts on “Give Senior Dog Baby a Reason to Be Thankful”

  1. This picture absolutely breaks my heart. I live in WA state and would be willing to pay the adoption fees and help out any local rescue organization that will adopt her until there is a home found for her. I called and she will be euthanized on Dec 6th. My email is [email protected] if anyone is interested in helping me save her.. Please…

    • My suggestion would be to go to the link they’ve provided in the article and talk to someone at the shelter. They may be in contact with a rescue group or put you in touch with one so you can adopt this baby! Good luck and thank you for stepping up!

      • Try Pilots and Paws or some other transport. Hope for Paws may be able to put you in touch with a transport network, they are California based. There’s also a group of truck drivers who help with rescue transport, not sure of name but you can surely find them if you do an online search. If you are serious you have to act quickly.

    • So the last two days I have sent emails and left voicemails with several rescue organizations requesting help and have not received one response. Hopefully one of them will contact me to help save this dog. I tried to ask the the shelter the dog is located at for ideas on organizations that would help, they said they didn’t know…

  2. What POS dumps their elderly dog at a shelter? They should be ashamed of themselves. This makes me cry! This poor dog is probably wondering what she did wrong!! Someone please save her!

  3. Has she been adopted or fostered? I am in tears! If I could I would do it in a heartbeat. I am not allowed dogs where I live:( plus I am in ny. I just wish her many blessings and prayers may angels bless her with new joys for this holiday season! DON’T EUTHANIZE HER! Have a heart!!

  4. Please someone put an update about this little girl. I am across the country but if i was there i would probably tried to bring her home. i hope someone already has. i have an old rescue chihuahua and i could not imagine dropping him off alone at animal rescue. what breaks my heart is the trust and happiness she showed.. not knowing she was being literally dumped. please post update. please!

  5. I was not aware of this post until now. Baby girl is doing really well!! On the day before Thanksgiving we picked Baby up from the shelter. She is an amazing funny girl. Thank you all for caring for these innocent babies. Keep sharing so they all find happy homes. I don’t always post pics but I have posted pics of Bany and the rest if my pack. I am TamiNRascal in facebook. I’d love to hear from you.


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