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Give Senior Dog Baby a Reason to Be Thankful

by Melanie

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11.27.13 - Black Chihuahua2

The four kinds of dogs most likely to be euthanized at shelters are pit bulls, Chihuahuas, seniors and black dogs. Baby has three out of these four things against her, and her time in Los Angeles County may be limited. Make her Thanksgiving by saving her life!

When Chihuahua mix Baby was surrendered to Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control: Baldwin Park Shelter on November 20, her intake photo shows a happy and smiley dog. She probably thought she was being taken to some friendly new person’s house for an adventure.

11.27.13 - Black Chihuahua

But a week later, she knows that she is never going home again. Now she lies in her kennel, forlorn, fearful and confused. Where is her family, and why have they left her in this strange place all alone?

She is a sweet dog, and deserves to be part of a true family. Give Baby a reason to smile again – adopt her today.

For more information on Baby, please click here.