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Giveaway: Animal Communicator Session


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Bailey LR by Barbara PasterToday’s giveaway offers an After-Life Pet Communication session by phone with Animal Communicator, Barbara Paster.

If you have lost one of your pets, Barbara will help you to connect with them on “the other side” and help to know how they are, what they are doing, and that their spirit is still around and thriving. Barbara will also relay your messages and answer questions about your pet.

Animals communicate through thought and emotion and if you can quiet your mind and open your heart, you can sense what they are communicating. As humans, we are born with this ability but, because we rely on verbal communication, our more subtle communication skills are pushed aside. Like a muscle, unless used regularly, these senses become weak and inefficient. All humans have the ability to communicate without words with all species.

Communicating with pets that have passed away is not much different than communicating when they are alive. Spirit is spirit and energy is energy. They love to share with us that they are doing well and extremely happy.

Barbara lives in Phoenix, Arizona and can work with pets anywhere in the world. She helps pets with emotions, behaviors, relationships and even physical issues. She has a special gift for helping rescue animals find peace and helps many that are having problems with grief, fear, trauma, trust, skittishness, anger, and depression — sometimes associated with a new environment or past events.

Barbara also helps pet owners with their grief — as well as pets suffering from grief after they loose a litter mate, sibling or their human companion. Barbara can help them to recover from this grief and become their former selves almost immediately.

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