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Giveaway: Fur Ivy Surprise Package Subscriptions


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That look says it all – it’s time to have some serious fun, and today’s giveaway fits the bill perfectly.

Who doesn’t love a surprise? I’m not talking about the kind of surprise you step on at the dog park: today’s giveaway is all about mystery and suspense and patience – so I’ll stop trying your patience and get to the point.

Today one of you will win a three month surprise package subscription from Fur Ivy, and your dog is going to adore you at least once a month if you do.  😉

That’s because once a month, for three months, your dog will receive a gift package in the mail.

  • Each package usually contains two to three toys for your pooch.
  • Some of the toys are handmade, so they are unique and made with much care and love. All other toys are just too cool for school, and are always made in the USA.
  • Packages are padded using recycled craft crinkle paper, rather than stryrofoam. This means that these packages are as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Future delivery dates can be specified when ordering, so you can spread out or modify deliveries as desired, and gift notices are available if you purchase a subscription.
  • You can purchase similar packages for humans at Fair Ivy.

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Your dogs will be waiting by the mailbox in anticipation once they get a load of this fun! So let’s tell you how you can try to win a subscription.


As always, only those in our e-mail list are eligible, and if you’re not one, you can fix that in five seconds by clicking here. When your first daily digest e-mail arrives, hit reply, type the words “enter me” in the subject and send (current subscribers can reply to today’s digest). We’ll use to select a winner, who will be notified by e-mail. Entries will be accepted through midnight Sunday, and this contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada.

Make each trip to the mailbox a potential adventure and get your entry submitted – and as always, good luck!

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