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Giveaway: M&J Essentials Gift Basket


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M&J Dog Essentials was founded with a mission to ensure that all dogs have the healthiest skin and coats possible. The American-made, all-natural products contain absolutely no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances and are pH-balanced especially for dogs. Each product comes with a guarantee of pure craftsmanship; the result of 15 years of tried and true botanical combinations from both dedicated estheticians and an herbalist.


M&J’s eco-friendly products have received glowing five-star reviews from dog owners around the country who rave about the value of the holistic products for their pampered pets. Their all-natural concoctions boast handpicked ingredients, custom-blended flower essences, subtle scents and the perfect pH balance for dogs to create shiny, luxurious coats and healthy, moisturized skin. M&J believers have found that products that treat the whole dog- mind, body and spirit- is not just a luxury, it’s essential.

M&J Dog Essentials recently announced the release of their new FreshenUp Collection, a Cleansing Treatment and Coat Tonic that can be used to “freshen up” your dog between baths. The new products complement the popular Essential Pack’s complete shampoo and conditioning treatments, with two new ultra light, easily applied products that do all the work of a bath in half the time.

The Cleansing Treatment and Coat Tonic were designed as quick and easy home treatments that keep dogs looking their best in between full grooming sessions. Ideal for both home groomers and discerning clients of professional groomers, FreshenUp Collection boasts all-natural ingredients and soothing cucumber aromas to provide your dog with a clean, conditioned coat and fresh, just-out-of-the-bath scent.

Use the Cleansing Treatment, with its apply-friendly nozzle cap and refreshing botanicals such as red clover extract, to effectively remove dirt and odor on all coat types, just 10 minutes for a clean and happy dog. Follow with Coat Tonic, a conditioning mist for a sleek, soft dog coat. M&J Dog Essentials recommends using FreshenUp Collection in between your Essential Pack grooming sessions to easily extend that “just groomed look” and leave your dog smelling fresh between baths.

Cleansing TreatmentLoaded with refreshing botanicals like cucumber, gotu kola and red clover extract to cleanse, eliminate odor mj2and moisturize the skin and coat.  This quick & easy to use treatment is great for active and on-the-go dogs who prefer play-time over bath-time.  Just massage this cucumber-scented gel-cream in the dogs skin and coat while damp or dry, wait 2-10 min then rinse (or hose, whichever suits them best!)

Coat Tonic –  This ultra light-conditioning tonic leaves the coat feeling nourished and refreshed with a natural sheen!  Infused with Lavender, Peppermint and the powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C to help strengthen and protect the skins barrier function.  Use after FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment and in-between baths to eliminate odor, provide cooling, soothing relief to itchy or irritated skin.   

The Life With Dogs pack spent the entire 2011 outdoor season cleansed and conditioned by products from M&J essentials, and our experience with them has been so positive that it can be summed up in one sentence: The lady of the house contacted M&J to ask if they make anything for humans.  🙂

The new spray and rinse were instant hits, and you have to smell these for yourself to understand why they have become a staple here.

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