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PoochClub believes that everything goes better with Dogs (or Cats). Their mantra is simple: Live well, Eat well, and do it all with nature in mind.
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Their mission is to to support better relationships between humans and their dog friends, ultimately creating a better world for both, and to provide products products that dogs would approve of – ones that respect nature, sustain our planet, and remind us we are loved.

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Poochclub’s dog toys are hand-knit by women in a small Kenyan village. The sale of these toys helps these women to earn a living and to provide education and healthcare for their extended family. We want to do our part to help fair trade initiatives such as this by
providing opportunities that support Africa’s culture and to preserve the wild animal kingdom that thrives there. These toys are handmade from wool gathered and spun from sheep native to the region. No harsh chemicals or artificial colors are used in the dyeing

May all of your dreams come true. Yes, that might mean chasing after a squirrel. Our down duvet is made of 100% cotton and filled with 100% premium North European and Canadian Down. Stays warm and cool to provide the most comfort. Pack it in your puppy’s crate or cover them with it; either way their dreams will be sweet until the cows come home.

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