Giveaway: Rescue Me Leash/Collar/Tag Changer Set


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Rescue Me Collars believes all dogs deserve a wonderful forever home, and they have come up with a unique program to give back to the wonderful shelters and rescues that do so much good.

101 5330With their Rescue By the Dozens program, every collar purchased gives you an opportunity to name a rescue group of your choice. When 12 items have been purchased naming that rescue they send the group a free collar. The points can accumulate through any combination of purchases and customers. And rescues can do whatever they like with their donations. They can give the collar to a dog who needs it, they can put it in an auction or giveaway, or they can even resell it.

We received a complimentary leash and collar set for Nigel and the quality of these beautifully made items is superb. Construction is robust, and the designs are gorgeous. They use polypropylene webbing because, of all the choices available, it is the least likely to trigger an allergic reaction in dogs. Additionally, ‘polypro’ does not harbor mold and bacteria the way Nylon and cotton can. Even though it is lighter than Nylon, polypropylene webbing still has a breaking strength of 660 lbs for webbing 1 inch wide.

Buckles and all hardware are heavy duty: nickel plated D rings are used on buckle style collars, while brass and brass finish hardware is employed for martingale collars. The tag changer is great for those who need to swap tags between collars – no need to fight with those annoying ring clips!

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With hundreds of patterns in a wide variety of colors and designs, finding a style you love is a snap.

101 5334Rescue Me Collars also donates some of the proceeds from several of their collars to great causes like canine cancer research, and Paws and Stripes, all causes that are close to their hearts: their dog Sammy passed away after battling hemangiosarcoma – just 9 short months after he was adopted.

Rescue Me Collars offers free shipping in the US and Canada, and low rates to all other countries. Visit their Facebook page, or for more information.

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