Giveaway: Sam’s Club $450 Grab Bag

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We’re ready to add a little excitement to your week with a giant giveaway, and in order to enter, all you have to do is tell us about a dog in need of a home.

Sound too easy? It is – by design.

We were invited to judge a pet photo contest for Sam’s club recently, and they offered to sponsor a giveaway for our fans as a way of saying thank you. The photo contest featured totally pampered pets, and the pictures were a riot. After seeing so many dogs being spoiled rotten, we wanted to direct the spotlight to those at the other end of the spectrum: unwanted shelter dogs seeking forever homes.

With that in mind, we have waived our normal means of entry for the sake of the dogs. There is no need to send us an e-mail today – instead, we ask that you just leave a comment below with a link to an adoptable shelter dog. Know of a dog in a foster home? We’re happy to hear about them as well: just make sure you provide contact info for those interested in adopting. And while those are the only requirements for entry, we ask that you keep in mind the fact that many will see the comments here: the better you are at making a case for the dog you have chosen, the greater the chance that someone could happen upon your comment and fall in love. You never know…


The Prize

Want to know what you will win? So do we! Sam’s Club put together a number of prize packages valued at $450.00 and is offering them as mystery grab bags stuffed full of pet supplies and pet related projects. In other words, surprise!


Please note that we’ll allow comment entries through midnight Saturday, so you have plenty of time to find your way to a shelter dog listing and come back to tell us about it. Please also note that there will be one winner, and that this contest is only open to residents of the US. We’ll use to select the winner, who will be notified by e-mail.[divider]

This is one of our biggest giveways to date, and we love adding a positive spin to the fun. Let us know about a dog looking for a home and you might just find yourself buried in a pile of dog goodies. Don’t need  or want the prize? Enter and donate it to your favorite shelter – we’ll love you for it, and so will they.  As always, we thank you for your support, and for your unwavering dedication to these remarkable animals that we celebrate together.

Good luck!

0 thoughts on “Giveaway: Sam’s Club $450 Grab Bag”

  1. I see there are 2 places on this page to post comments, this section and the one above. Do both qualify for the drawing?

  2. For those who are leaving messages about dogs who need homes, I have discovered if you post in this lower section, the link to the dog’s site is hyper-linked and all someone has to do is click on it.

    I tried with the sites mentioned in the first group and had to copy and paste the URL. The bottom links get a prospective adopter to the dog much faster. Also, if there is a restriction on where the dog can be adopted, please let people like me know so I don’t get excited only to find out the dog can’t be adopted out of state.

    Thanks so much, Treena, for doing this!


  3. My do, Lucinda, (Lucy), came to live with me after running loose in the woods for at least 3 months. Hence her name Lucinda Wood.

  4. Baxter a beagle was scheduled for euthanasia due to food aggression, when I pulled him from a shelter for a rescue – two days later a man came to the foundation, saw him and fell in love! They are sharing food and a happy home together – living happily ever after!

    • bless you Taira!!!!! Just because a dog is food aggressive doens’t mean they are dangerous in my opinion!!! I bet we humans would be the same if we had to fight for food; look at what people do during catastrophes!!!! it’s called fight for survival; again bless you!

  5. My dog Greased Lighting (AKA Greasy) was the runt of the litter. They were going to take him to the pound because no one wanted him. He and I became fast friends and after an hour i had convinced my parents that I needed another dog. I trained him to be a great guard dog and still be friendly when I invited people over. As the story goes, When I went away to boarding school he made an escape and was never seen again.

  6. I just did. Thanks for the contest. I alway enter all the pet contest that is going on and me and my dogs never win. But its just fun to do it.

  7. In addition to my four greys, I have acquired four SENIOR GREYHOUNDS that were all community bounces. Kiwi, Roady, Cody and Romeo. The last one, Romeo, is on doggie hospice due to years of neglect from his previous owner. He is riddled with arthritis, fatty tumors, dental issues and reoccurring ear infections. Although there is only one of me to go around to all seven hounds…they never seem to mind. They seem to know that Momster Darla will ensure they are cared for medically, nutritionally and emotionally!


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