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Giveaway: Stake Diner Elevated Dog Bowl Stand


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After having her dog’s water bowl knocked over for the 1,000th time, Shona Shaw saw a need for a more secure, healthy, raised food and water bowl for her dogs.

So she made it. The Stake Diner is World’s first moveable, staked, raised, stainless steel dog food and water bowl, and temporary tether designed for outdoor loving dogs and pet families. The innovative, moveable, staked Stake Diner™ is the perfect solution for families looking for an on-the-go, stainless steel, healthy food and water bowl that won’t spill and can be staked in the ground, anywhere outdoors.

Like our back yard, where our dogs have been testing a Stake Diner for the past week. Once we set it up they got used to finding it, and they are already using it daily. The design is stable and works as advertised, and gets an enthusiastic paws up from our pack of product testers.

The Stake Diner also doubles as a temporary tie-out, offering a great short-term dog tethering solution, securing deep into the ground. The unique patent-pending design allows the water and food bowls to be staked in the ground in the yard, at the dog park, while camping, or anywhere portable, healthy, and safe water and/or food is needed.

Ease of use was a factor in the design: Just twist the Stake Diner it into the ground, and your dog is ready to enjoy fresh water, where it’s always available; as well as be temporarily tethered safety when the need arises. More information about the  Stake Diner is available at

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