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Giveaway/Review: K9 Travel Mug


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This week’s giveaway features an innovative product that just about any dog lover I know could make use of. It’s the K9 Travel Mug, a clever design that allows you to keep your pooch hydrated on the road, without the mess typically associated with in-car watering.

The company is located in Canada, and sent a sample to our north of the border reviewer, Jen Leitch. Her thoughts:

My first impression of the K9 Travel Mug was a good one.  It’s aesthetically pleasing, from its stainless steel finish to its size.  I know though, that looks aren’t everything so I decided to put it through the ‘double Labrador test’.  I worried that the lip of the mug, which curves inward, may scrape their tender noses, but my worry was unfounded.  The cup isn’t deep enough for their snouts to get jammed in there, and the lip actually prevents water from sloshing over the sides which eliminates the need for a lid. 

It holds enough water to quench their thirst, but not so much that they can make a mess by dribbling it across my back seat!  The bottom of the mug is shaped just right to fit into the cup holders in my car and it seemed secure and tip-proof sitting there.  The Labs and I would recommend this product to all travelling pooches and their people, even if you’re just going for a short ride.  We give the K9 Travel Mug 4 paws out of 4!

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We’ve spent a few weeks with our own sample, and I concur – this is a terrific invention. I had the same concerns about the lip of the mug, but in use it is a non-issue. This is simply a great product that works exactly as advertised. As a matter of fact, we like it so much that today, we’ll let one of you take one home to try for yourself compliments of the manufacturer.

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If you see us out and about next summer, check our cup holders – this is one product that will get a lot of use from our pack. Want one of your own? Get entered and watch your inbox – and as always…good luck!

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