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Good Newz Rehab Center Tour


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Dogs Deserve Better founder and CEO Tamira Ci Thayne offers an insider’s view of the Good Newz Rehab Center that has been established at the former Michael Vick residence in rural Surry County, VA. DDB solicited donations to purchase the property, and just when it seemed they would not reach their fundraising goal a second wave of support pushed them over the top.

In just a matter of weeks, donors raised $180,000 to cover the down payment on the property. A donor from Virginia pledged $5,000 a month for ten years, enough to cover the mortgage and a good chunk of monthly expenses.

Thayne says now that financing is secured, it’s time focus on rehabbing the dogs. She says she feels the property itself has been ‘rehabilitated’, cleared of any bad energy that may have lingered there. “Dogs are living in the house and people say Michael Vick is rehabilitated. I hope he is … and I hope people will focus on the beautiful stuff happening here instead of the hideous crimes that occurred here in the past.”