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Good or Bad Idea: Get a Drone to Walk Your Dog

by Katherine

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Would you get a drone to walk your dog?

We’ve heard of these flying robots being tested by companies such as as possible alternatives for shipping goods, however, Jeff Myers from New York, used his drone to test and video tape the machine walking Myers’s own pet.

Drone walks dog.
Drone walks dog.


Being able to use a drone to walk your dog can come in handy on cold winter days, hot summer days, or on those occasion when you are stuck at work and forgot to hire a dog walker. However, your dog must be mellow or as obedient as Myers’s pet to allow a drone to safely walk him or her and get back home in one piece.

There are plenty of family pets that would take the drone out for a walk instead, and the possibilities of the machine coming back in one piece are minimal.

Myers’s idea is not new. This use of technology was first seen in Back to the Future II when Marty McFly encounters a dog being walked by something that could easily be a drone.


The question now is, is a drone walking your pet a good or bad idea?