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Good Samaritan Jumps Off Bridge to Save Dog


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A woman in Chatham County, Georgia was rescued from the rising waters of the Moon River last week after diving off a bridge to save a stranger’s dog.

rescued chi Southside fire officials say Jenny Jones was fortunate to be saved after she dove into the marsh and became stuck in two foot deep mud that was much like quicksand. The selfless woman said she saw the dog jump off the bride and instinct took over.

“Whenever I see a situation where I might be able to help I don’t hesitate to go forth into danger obviously,” smiled Good Samaritan Jenny Jones.

Firefighters had conducted recent rescue exercises in the area, and were prepared: in only a matter of minutes, Jones and a very frightened, waterlogged canine were hoisted to safety. The dog would be reunited with a grateful owner the next day, who was beside herself with relief at the return of her lost loved one. She offered praise for her dog’s rescuer through tears of relief.

Shortly after the rescue, reporters would ask Jones the obvious question. “Would you do it again?”

“Yes. Even though that’s probably the wrong answer,” Jenny says, laughing. “I would do it differently, but I would do it again.”