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Good Samaritan Rescues Hit-and-Run Romanian Dog

by Melanie

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8.8.14 - Good Samaritan Rescues Hit-and-Run Romanian Dog1

On Tuesday, in Calarasi, Romania, Vlad Cizmarita-Soltuzu heard barking from in front of his house.  What he found was a puppy who had been hit by a car.  He took the poor guy, who he’s calling Blacky, to a vet, and found that he needs extensive spinal surgery.  This heroic man does not have the funds to pay for it, but he wants to do whatever he can to give this stray puppy a chance at life, and is asking for your help.

This is Vlad’s plea for Blacky:

The Story

On the 5th august I heard loud barking in front of my house. This little puppy was standing on the sidewalk in terrible pain. Had just been hit by a car and he couldn’t move his back legs. We run out to the veterinarian and from there straight to the hospital. There we heard the unfortunate news: he has a spinal fracture and he needs immediately operation. We already bought a stimulator for his legs but that doesn’t help him very much. He needs the surgery as soon as possible!


The spine operation costs $2,800 and has the days of hospitalization included. The treatment after the surgery is $1,400 give or take. We cannot afford it and that’s why we are asking you, kind people, to help us give him a chance at life.

If you would like to help Blacky, please click here.