Good Samaritan Saves Dog from Intentional Drowning

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Carlos Torres says he was horrified to witness a group of teenage boys trying to drown a a 3-year-old Shih Tzu in a canal in Miami Gardens, FL. last weekend. Torres was driving by the canal on Saturday morning when he saw the teens throw the canine into the water. The female dog was stuffed in a plastic bag and had bricks tied to her back legs.

Acting decisively, Torres jumped into the water and grabbed the dog before it went under. “That’s when I ran the light, stopped and noticed there was a dog inside the bag,” he said. “I couldn’t believe what they were doing, so I threw myself inside the canal, took the dog out, removed her out of the bag and removed the bricks from the dog.”

Torres called animal rescuer Josh Agostinie “She can’t walk on that leg. She actually does her business on herself, and I have to constantly be cleaning after her, because she can’t stand up,” said Agostinie. “It’s a shame they did this to this dog. She’s a sweetheart. Last night, she wouldn’t stop crying, even though she was on the pain medication.”

Carlos Torres

Agostinie took the battered pooch to Smiling Pets Vet Clinic in Miami. Dr. Avi Adulami examined the dog and said her left rear leg was nearly destroyed. “Part of the femur was completely disintegrated,” he said. “The lower part of the femur in the kneecap was completely shattered in pieces.”

A $1500 surgery will be required to repair that leg, and locals have already started a collection drive. Torres is hoping donations will add up quickly. “That is a sweet dog. I had her at my house the whole day before I took her to the doctor. It’s just horrible what kids are doing these days. Kids have nothing to do, and this is how they play, and they don’t realize they were trying to kill a creature that is doing absolutely nothing to them,” said Torres.

Those who wish to donate to the surgery fund may do so at

137 thoughts on “Good Samaritan Saves Dog from Intentional Drowning”

  1. wtf is wrong with these kids? If I had impunity, the parents of those kids would be mourning their losses.

    • Totally agree – people now seem to have no consideration or respect for life. Something is terribly wrong. Dogs feel pain and loneliness and fear exactly the same as we do and abusing a dog should be punished the same as abusing a child. It’s so unfair.

  2. Thank God Carlos was there at the right time and brave enough to save this poor little pup. It is so tragic that children can be so cruel.

  3. This story makes me heartsick – I could cry. So many kids these days are cruel and heartless – no empathy or compassion for other living creatures and people. I hope that little dog gets it’s medical needs met and a wonderful, loving home to live out its remaining days. <3

  4. Whatever happened to the good old days when someone would have bashed those boys heads together to teach them a thing or two?

    • They didn’t do it in front of ME…..or somebody like me…. I’d be in jail…and not feel bad or lose sleep over it at all….Their parents could sue mall they wanted to…I’d do a year for assault on idiot minors no problem for this….WE ARE THEIR VOICE….and mine is loud and final…. .

    • Maybe they need a little scare like wrapping them in a plastic bag with bricks around their ankles so they can feel the fear of death. Not enough to kill them, just enough to let them know what it feels like.Just like that poor little dog felt !!! I am sure they will learn compassion and respect for the little life they almost took. Maybe their parents can watch. Suppose those parents will then teach their kids anything ?
      Our laws are not tough enoough for these types of hate crimes. Man made laws, Man can change them.

      • Mim, U are 100% rite. this is exactly hw i feel. Let them feel what that little dog felt.Our laws need to be tougher on these types of hate crimes !!!!!!!!!!


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