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Good Samaritan Saves Puppy Hit by Train


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luckyA 12-week-old Lab mix puppy is after a Good Samaritan rescued him after he was hit by a freight train.

Greg Bowser was at work when he heard from a co-worker about a limping puppy. It was nighttime, so Bowser grabbed a flashlight to investigate. He found the puppy curled up inside an open shipping container and in need of serious help.

“That’s when I realized his leg had been completely cut off,” said Bowser.

Bowser called his wife and rushed the puppy to Hollywood Animal Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. The Bowsers wanted to do whatever was needed to save the puppy. The staff at the animal hospital knew the dog needed emergency surgery right away or he would die. So they got to work, performing multiple surgeries to save the puppy’s life.

“This puppy would not have survived very long with the amount of infection that was already going on in the leg,” said Dr. James Dee. “He’d have passed.”

Dr. Dee and his staff first worked to save the puppy’s infected leg, but it was suffering so much infection that it had to be amputated. They have named the dog Lucky and are expecting him to make a full recovery.  They hope that he will be healed enough to go home with his rescuer, Bowser, this week.

The Bowser’s have paid $800 of Lucky’s medical bills which total $2,800. The Bowsers hope to find Lucky a good home once he is ready.