Good Samaritan Saves Tortured Dog

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*1-23-10:  See an important update at the end of this article.

Lansing, MI. — Capital Area Humane Society workers say they can’t believe their eyes. A dog bound with duct tape was thrown in a ditch and left to die in freezing temperatures. Thanks to a Good Samaritan, the dog survived.

The humane society says it got the call Wednesday afternoon. The dog’s legs were taped together, her muzzle was bound shut and she showed signs of severe beatings. The (anonymous) Good Samaritan had to physically pry the dog from the ground because she was frozen to it.

Julia Palmer, Capital Area Humane Society CEO: “She was in shock and she obviously needed care. So for us, I think we do this enough to respond first to her physical needs, but I think it really affects us. You walk away from a situation like this with a lot of questions unanswered. It’s unimaginable, it’s truly unimaginable.”

The dog appears to be a pit bull or boxer mix of around 2 years, and is currently being treated for severe head trauma. The humane society and Ingham County Animal Control have opened a cruelty investigation.

*Update:   Lansing, MI–Animal control officers investigating the beating of a dog found hog-tied and left for dead in a frozen lot in Lansing say they have some promising leads in the animal-cruelty case. Ingham County Animal Control Director Jamie McAloon Lampman tells the Lansing State Journal the agency is now hopeful about solving the case.

Capital Area Humane Society official Julia Palmer said the female pit bull mix found with severe head injuries and her four legs bound together with heavy-duty electrical tape continues to improve. But she said the 50-pound female faces a long recovery.

An unemployed man found the injured dog Wednesday while walking his own dog. But Ernie Moss isn’t jobless any more. He’s been hired part-time by the owner of a home-remodeling company who read about the case.

source:  wfrv

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37 thoughts on “Good Samaritan Saves Tortured Dog”

  1. Nothing surprises me anymore of how cruel people can be.
    Not sure why I read these things anymore because they just stick with me all day. Can’t imagine why someone would even think about doing something like this and then act on it. SICK!!! I hope she has a quick recovery and can find a home full of love.

  2. Disgusting! I hope the puppy gets better and knows there are plenty of people that not like that monster that did this … My heart aches …

  3. OMG!!! The beast that did this MUST be caught! This is horrible!!! UGH what the hell is wrong with them? My two-legger wants to do the same to them!

    I am very happy that the good Samaritan didn’t look the other way like so many people do. They are a true angle to furries!!!

  4. Since my days for last 5 years at the local anmal shelter where I have been volunteering at here in California. Nothing surprises me anymore about Humans actions to animals. Hope they locate the A—— or A——-s who did this act to a helpless animal who just wants a home and a family to be loved nd fed!!!!!!!. Hope the dog survives this ordeal and Thanks to the good samariton (WRONG SPELLING) who help the dog

  5. Reading this made me sick to my stomach.! Aside from the horrendous treatment of this dog, the scarier thought is that there is someone out in the world thinking in this sick, twisted way. Truthfully, there are more people than we can imagine. They say people who do horrible things to people started out doing horrible things to animals. Frightening!

  6. When they find the owner, I suggest binding his/her legs with duct tape and leaving them outside on the side of the road to freeze. An eye for an eye…


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