Good Samaritan Stops Dog Fight in Process, Rescues Injured Dog

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A man from Wilmington, Delaware is a hero today, to at least one dog and possibly others. It has been reported that the man broke up an active dog fight and rescued one of the dogs involved.  The investigation is still underway, but the man’s heroic action really saved the day.

The man tells law enforcement that he happened upon a dog fight in process.  There were two dogs actively fighting while surrounded by a group of people watching.  The good Samaritan approached the group watching the fight, and they grabbed the “winning” dog and took off, leaving the other dog in very bad shape.


3.1.16 - Clancy2


Instead of chasing after the horrible humans fleeing the scene, he stayed to help the injured dog.  He called the police and the Brandywine Valley SPCA, and stayed with the injured dog until help arrived.

Once the dog was brought into the animal shelter, he was treated for some severe puncture wounds picked up in the fight.  The dog’s head, face and neck were thrashed in the incident.  However, medical staff at the shelter say the dog, now called Clancy, just might make a full PHYSICAL recovery.  The mental scars and emotional trauma that Clancy suffered are another thing entirely, and only time will tell.

“He has a long way to go,” said Adam Lamb, CEO of BVSPCA.   “The wounds will heal with medical treatment, but his scars, both physical and emotional, will be ongoing.”


3.1.16 - ClancyFEAT


The Brandywine SPCA is asking the public for help in locating and stopping the humans involved in this barbarous practice.  If anyone in the local or surrounding areas knows of this specific dog fighting ring, or any other animal abuse that is ongoing, they are urged to call the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare’s Animal Cruelty Hotline at 302-255-4646.

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  1. What respect I have for you, may you be blessed! Love the dog, all dogs, all animals! Animals are Gods creatures. People who abuse them will one day feel Gods disdain and wrath for abusing them!

  2. FInd them and give them at least 20 years in Prison without Parole. They are Bastards, Rejects to Society.

  3. This is the end result of pitbull advocacy. For the last several decades they fight regulations on pitbulls, even just spay and neutering laws which would rein in backyard breeders and stop dog fighting.. They have large active pitbull dogs live in above ground cemetaries for years, at the tax payers expense and shuffle them from home to home. 70 percent of pitbulls are not spayed or neutered and the reserve amount of other dogs are altered to prevent unwanted litters. There is a reason why after dog fighting was made illegal, they started paying t.v. stars to promote pitbulls on t.v: pitbull ownership and overpopulations makes it impossible for authorities to find dog fighters.. Finding dog fighters is now as easy as finding a needle in a haystack. IF you own a pitbull you are part of the problem. We don’t outlaw crystal meth use and then allow people to manufacture pitbulls. The Cesar Milans and Tia Torres’s of the world are not getting paid to promote poodles. Big tobacco also paid celebs to promote cigerette smoking. They don’t give a hoot about pitbulls. If they did they would protect them with BSL.


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