Goofy Dog Has Started Walking Out of the Kitchen Backwards, But No One Knows Why

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For some bizarre reason, Cookie walks out of the kitchen backwards.  She hasn’t always done it, and she walks normally everywhere else, but two months ago began reversing out of the kitchen, and her family is completely baffled as to why.

We all get used to the sounds our pets make, as if we have our own secret language with them.  I know the sound of my dog’s claws “tap dancing” in the kitchen, or which cat is drinking water from the water dish in our bedroom just by how loudly he laps it.  One day in March, Graham Watts could hear his dog walking strangely and texted his wife a clip of her new exit with the caption, “What happened to the dog?”



Linda Watts didn’t know either, but she and her husband started keeping an eye on Cookie and her peculiar new habit to try to understand what was causing her to suddenly begin behaving this way.

“We’ve had her since she was a puppy and she has always been fine but now she does it every single time,” the Yorkshire woman told Metro.

“She walks forwards into the kitchen to her food bowl, picks some food up and backs out around the corner, into the living room, between the sofas and onto the rug where she eats her food.”



“That is the only place in the house she does it and I hope she doesn’t plan on extending it. I don’t want to have to walk her backwards around the village.  She needs a set of those little reversing beepers and warning lights,” Linda joked.

“She does the same every single time. I don’t know what’s happened to her.  When people come over and see it for the first time they ask what’s up with her but nothing’s up with her, she’s just crackers.  She’s completely baffled us all. It must just be an odd phase she’s going through.”

We’re not sure why, either, but I have a suggestion for a solution:  put Cookie’s food in another room!

4 thoughts on “Goofy Dog Has Started Walking Out of the Kitchen Backwards, But No One Knows Why”

  1. We had a friend who had a dog who did this too. Only one room. It turns out they had seen her slip on the flooring one time just before this started and the dog remembered it and decided she could back through the door safely. They put down non slip rugs, but the habit persisted. They moved to another state and the habit did not continue in the new home. Hope this is something similar and innocent.

    • This recently happened to my 5 year old German shepherd. She slipped and fell in the kitchen and now is reluctant to go in there and when she does it’s only about two feet or so, then she backs out. Not only that, after the incident she tries not to walk on my hardwood floors at all. I did notice that if I’m in a room and ignore her she will eventually come into the room all the way to where I am but she will still back out of the room. I may have to carpet my rooms but I’ll still have the issue with the kitchen.

  2. Many thanks for your input. Only the kitchen – EVERY TIME. All the house is hard wood flooring save the kitchen and bath. Dog is able to come and go in bathroom normaly.


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