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Graham Nash Helps Woman get Service Dog

by Fred

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Janie Young was about half way to her goal of the $10,000 she needed to raise to get a service dog she badly needed.  On Thursday, she found out that she is not going to have to wait even longer for her goal to be reached.  It was thanks to singer Graham Nash, and his donation of the final $4,300 needed that brought the worthy goal to completion.

“I was in total shock because I didn’t expect it,” Young said.  “I didn’t even ask him, they just said you need a dog, let’s do it.”

Young had met Graham Nash back in the 1980’s, when he was playing with Crosby, Stills and Nash.  You can see the signed evidence of Young’s fandom still hanging on her apartment walls.  While they were in town for a concert, they heard of Young’s plight, and that donations were beginning to taper off a bit.  Nash didn’t hesitate, and secretly made the donation.

Not only did Nash make the donation, but he even called Young.  He wanted to talk to a fan that needed some special attention, and tell her his reasons for helping.

“The truth is that we all need help in this life. What little I can do to help Janie with her life, I will do because she’s an incredibly great spirit, she’s always been very positive, she’s always been very funny, she’s always been a remarkable person in our lives,” said Nash. “We’re just glad to be able to help.”