Grandma Learns How NOT to Play Fetch

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Grandma’s got a Great Dane on a retractable leash.  And she throws a stick.  Guess what happens next….





I’m guessing Grandma won’t be doing this again any time soon.  Hope she’s ok!

49 thoughts on “Grandma Learns How NOT to Play Fetch”

  1. I don’t know that this is fake… Could be, but I have had my large dog lay me out flat before, when she was just on a collar, and she saw my mother, who is her second favorite person. This was at dog obedience. Needless to say, that was the last time I took her to obedience. I then took her to a private trainer who suggested a Halti. Best thing that I ever got for my dog. I refuse to walk my dog on a collar now, because she tries to take off on a collar, but realizes that she can’t on a Halti. Likely, if this video is real, and not faked, the poor woman did a face plant very soon after she went flying. An old woman can’t possibly hold on to a Dane for long after it takes off. I can see her flying a couple feet though, and then landing on her face. It’s possible for that to happen. Who knows.

  2. Hope Grandma is O.K. As a person who has had large dogs all my life I think that this dog is too much for older person. Dog deserves someone who is young and energetic so he can get what he needs. Didn’t mean to laugh but it was so hilarious. Sorry….

  3. This video is positively ancient. It’s close to ten years old. And it’s fake, as anyone with a double digit IQ can plainly see.

  4. It is not real. She would not just move along the horizontal axis when shes pulled because there’s this little thing called gravity. Not to mention the fact that the height of the dogs neck is below her shoulder socket. She would have fallen downward as she was pulled to the right.

    Unless the Great Dane took flight

    That is all


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