Great Pyrenees Adopts Abandoned Lamb

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A loving dog and a tiny baby sheep have formed an unlikely bond after the lamb was rejected by its mother.

Saffron, a two-day-old Shetland sheep, was abandoned by her mother, and none of the other sheep at Fancy Fibers Farm in Farmersville, TX. would have her.

“Without anybody to nurse her, she would have just died,” said Mary Berry, owner of Fancy Fibers Farm. “She had been going up to all the other nursing ewes, and they had pushed her away.”

In her search for a mother, Saffron met Lucy, a Great Pyrenees, and for reasons unknown, the two hit it off instantly. Berry shares their remarkable love story in an interview with WALB: see the youtube video below, captured when Saffron and Lucy were introduced.

38 thoughts on “Great Pyrenees Adopts Abandoned Lamb”

  1. Thats very true to the breed, if a great pyrenees DIDNT adopt an abandoned lamb, Id be surprised! Anyone that owns a Pyrenees, can tell you that this is what they are bred for 🙂

  2. Animals do that for each other. We had a mother cat whom took off and got lost, leaving 4 kittens. Three kittens died right off. Our one year old female dog took to nursing the last kitten and kept it alive. She had never had a litter of her own but I think she’d seen how broken up we were over losing those other kittens and decided this is the right thing to do. She’d nursed that kitten for a year! What an unusual and good girl she is.

  3. I’m not surprised. Pyrenees were made to bond with their flocks so strongly they would lay down their lives for them. Adopting a lamb seems like a small thing in comparison.


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