Greyhound: Racing Into The Light (Trailer)

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This is the trailer for the first ever feature-length documentary film to explore the 4,000-year history of the majestic greyhound breed. Second only to the cheetah in speed and acceleration, these regal hot rods are one of nature’s near perfect creations. A work in progress with a planned release in June 2013, the film will also feature an evenhanded examination of the history and inner workings of the highly controversial greyhound racing industry in the U.S.

It will include on-camera commentary from greyhound racing’s most vocal opponents, racing greyhound breeders, kennel and track owners, racing officials, professional gamblers, bookies, veterinarians, greyhound adoption group leaders, greyhound pet owners, and others. To learn more, please visit

109 thoughts on “Greyhound: Racing Into The Light (Trailer)”

  1. I have no problems with athletic pursuits for animals such as agility and coursing that people do for fun, but this type of racing is purely for people’s entertainment and money and it’s sick. These so called “breeders” are raising animals purely for a sport that’s supposedly humane? This brings to mind the Roman days where animals were brought into the pit for sport too! Do these people see that after all the destruction, pain and anguish some of these animals go through that there are others just struggling to clean up after them with societies solely focused on helping these poor dogs? How can you not see that the need is so great to help these dogs!!!! If there weren’t sanctuaries and rescues to help racers and ex-racers what would these breeders do the dogs that can’t race anymore?! Doubtfully anything humane, regardless of how great they think their facilities are. I’m thoroughly disgusted by these people. It’s obviously all for profit as they’ve said so themselves, so they are truly contradictory and I’m so so so glad that rescues and other organizations are “ruining” (to use the breeders words) this lifestyle. Greyhound racing should be outlawed outright everywhere and these people put out of business for good. What a sad statement on humanity. It’s no wonder I like being with my dogs more than I like being with other people!

    • MizzV, and if racing is outlawed everywhere, where do you think all the greyhounds will go? There won’t be enough adoption groups to take them all and they will have to be put down or even worse sent to other countries where they are really mis treated. Noone stops to think of the greyhounds.. what will happen to them..where will they go. All they think about is closing the tracks down. Grey2K doesn’t give a crap about the welfare of the greyhounds, just getting the tracks closed down. They have no plans for finding homes for any of them. Greyhounds are treated very well at the tracks and farms. Do you actually think an abused greyhound would be able to run and win races? I love my greyhounds and I’ll always have greyhounds in my life but closing all the tracks is wrong. Use your common sense. Do you have somewhere for the hundreds of greyhounds to go?

      • So just because there’s nowhere for them to go, we should continue letting these people breed more and more greyhounds for racing? How is that thinking about the greyhounds welfare? They may get treated well when they are racing and winning but what do the owners/breeders/racetrack people do when they aren’t winners anymore? I haven’t seen you address that situation. Do you know? or do you just not want to say because we all know what happens to these poor dogs when their so-called owners don’t see them winning anymore. I doubt they rehome them all to nice couples looking for a dog. It’s like saying that because there are so many puppy mills out there and it’s impossible to shut them all down, we just shouldn’t shut any of them down and just let it be. This is obviously a money making scheme (just like puppy mills) and people are very reluctant to see greyhound racing go down because then they’ll have to get real jobs. I’m a realist and I know logistically it would be a lot to handle, but if all the various organizations worked together over time to stop commercial breeding of greyhounds and worked with the tracks nationwide as they shut down, eventually we could come to a point where these dogs can be re-homed and adopted. For the rest that don’t fit into the category of being able to be adopted/re-homed etc, that would obviously have to be figured out. But to say that just because there aren’t enough rescue organizations to take these dogs in we should just let this abuse continue? I don’t think that’s a very good answer to this problem either.

      • anonymous dummy – who’s not using their brain today, let alone a whiff of common sense? do you suppose if the machine keeps running that these hundreds you mention will not be compounded by hundreds and millions more the longer the damn machine runs? these dogs are literally dropped like useless bags of flesh after they’ve been deemed “win-less”. where did you imagine the worldwide dogs in the hundreds-a-week numbers go to after they’ve been spent? you have to attack the source of the problem and then deal with a very real problem of homing those unfortunate numbers, but until you shut down the system that burns through these dogs in the “hundreds” on a constant appetite you will see millions die before it’s end. i mean, that’s common sense, isn’t it..?

      • If greyhound racing is outlawed, maybe the breeders will stop breeding for the money and there won’t be 20,000 greyhounds a year put up for adoption or euthanized.
        People who really love their dogs keep them for life. People who breed them for profit are the reason so many of these graceful animals are put up for adoption every year.

      • Anonymous, Do you realize how stupid your comment is.
        Rescue groups and shelters are working their asses off to place the greyhounds that the breeders keep dumping on to someone else to take care of. It is not the responsibility of Grey2K to find these unwanted dogs homes. It is the responsibility of the people who bred them. When grey2k can help shut down all of the tracks, maybe the breeders will stop breeding so many, and the ones already in shelters can find forever homes with people who adopt them out of love and not for the money they earn.
        You are also ignoring the fact that many of these dogs are euthanized and never get any chance at life much less a chance to be adopted, this is a disgrace and anyone who perpetuates it should be prosecuted for animal abuse.
        I’m glad you love your greys but you don’t seem to have any common sense about this. Where would the hundreds go….what a stupid question….they would go to homes where they are loved and not used, and with any luck the breeders would get some compassion and stop breeding so many. Closing ALL the tracks is the only way to help stop the breeding of more unwanted animals.
        I give my utmost respect and praise for all the people who adopt these cast off dogs. To the people who continue to breed, euthanize and dump their unwanted dogs, you have my utmost repulsion.

  2. Take it from a person who has seen the results of the racing industry. Broken Greyhounds, physically and mentally. I have three Greyhounds, all rescues. All of the Greyhounds deserve to live their lives as cherished pets, not as a money making business (racing). I for one do not want to see Greyhound racing continue. The cruelty continues at the race tracks. So far a solution has not been found to continue Greyhound racing in a humane way. Humans are the ones who deemed it necessary for the noble Greyhound to race for profit. Humans are the ones driven by the almighty dollar. So what if a Greyhound suffers, or has to be destroyed? To the race track “it’s” just a dog, a commodity. If “it” isn’t making them money they’re not worth anything.


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