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Groundbreaking Dog Surgery Employs Stem Cell Therapy


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dog stem cell therapy

When it comes to improving the lives of the animals he treats, veterinarian Brian Voynick isn’t afraid to try something new. He’s been doing acupuncture on dogs for some 15 years. So when Voynick first heard about stem cell therapy for small animals like cats and dogs four years ago at a conference on holistic veterinary medicine, he was intrigued. A year later, he become the first and only veterinarian in the region to use stem cells derived from an animal’s fat to treat pain and inflammation from ailments like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Now he’s taking the therapy to the next level, processing and activating the derived stem cells on site at his clinic, the American Animal Hospital in Randolph. The procedure uses adult stem cells from the patient, not embryonic stem cells, which are far more controversial.

Randolph veterinarian uses new stem cell therapy on ailing pets

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