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Guardians of Rescue Help the 11 “Dogs Left in a Box”

by Katherine

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After an online campaign started on Facebook to help save 11 dogs living in a make-shift shelter in Wythe County, Va., Guardians of Rescue stepped in to investigate the accusations and help the alleged neglected dogs.

The animal organization’s president, Robert Misseri, sent an investigator to determine if the pets were neglected or abused, but what the investigation revealed was that the animals were cared and loved for.

Guardians of Rescue provided adequate housing for 11 dogs from Wythe County, Va.
Guardians of Rescue provided adequate housing for 11 dogs from Wythe County, Va.


It is true that the dogs’ owner, Mike Thomas, is a man of limited financial resources and suffers from a brain injury, but despite his limited economic means, he loves his pets and tries to provide them with the best care and shelter he can afford.

The living arrangements for the dog’s were not ideal but the dogs were receiving proper basic care. It was not necessary to remove the pets from the property, instead Guardians of Rescue decided to help Mr. Thomas’s dogs by building them adequate housing.

“These dogs should not be confiscated,” Misseri told WSLS 10. “We stepped in and did the right thing. If we didn’t come and do what we did, we would be as guilty as the people who are accusing him of being guilty.”

Guardians of Rescue will be helping the dogs with regular vet visits and they will continue to drop by occasionally, ensuring the pets are receiving the care and love they deserve.

Visit Guardians of Rescue Facebook page to see pictures from this rescue mission.

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