Guide Dog Pushes Baby Stroller out of Careening Car’s Path

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One-year-old Jacob’s life was in jeopardy when an out-of-control car headed straight toward him, but guide dog Jet came to his rescue by risking his own life to push the baby’s stroller out of danger before the car could strike.

Lancashire, UK resident Jessica Cowley has tunnel vision and is legally blind. She was out for a walk with her baby son and guide dog when a care came speeding toward them. Jet yanked herself from Jessica’s grip and pushed the baby stroller out of the path.

“Just after we stepped off the curb to cross the entrance of the car park, I heard a screeching of a car and it banged into me sending me flying,” Jessica explained. “Just before it hit me I felt Jet let go. She’s a strong dog and she pulled out of my hand and actually pushed the pram out of the way.

“The pram toppled over but Jacob was out of danger and even while I was lying face down on the ground, I was happy to know he was safe. She reacted really quickly, and she’s just amazing.”

When Jessica was knocked to the ground, her leg became trapped on the side of a concrete pillar, but she was able to get up to come to the aid of her son. The stroller was on its side, but Jacob only sustained a cut to his lip.

“Jet is trained to help me but she’s not trained to do that sort of thing. It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if she hadn’t have done what she did, Jessica said. “She was worried about me but once she had licked my face and checked I was conscious she was fine.

She loves Jacob and thinks of him as her own. What she did was extremely brave and I am very proud of her.”

Veterinarian Caroline Purnell, who witnessed the incident, said, “We feel that she really demonstrated exactly how important these dogs are. She showed no concern for her own safety and went to protect her handler’s child before helping her handler.”



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