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Guide Dog Walks at Graduation with College Student


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masonSam Hogle couldn’t imagine walking across the stage at his graduations without his dog Mason by his side. Mason is his seeing-eye dog and attended every class with Sam at Kennesaw State University and last week when the two walked across the stage the crowd erupted into cheers.

Sam Hogle was born blind. Though life has been difficult for him at times his family has always believed in him and knew his graduation day would come. Mason has been by his side the entire time to help him get his college degree.

On campus everyone knows who Sam is and they all know Mason too. School officials had no issue with Mason walking with Sam at gradation and Sam couldn’t imagine it any other way. Sam’s mother made a graduation gown for Mason, but Mason tripped over it so instead he wore a tassel around his collar for the big event.

When Sam’s name was called and he and Mason walked across the stage the crowd started cheering so loud that the ceremony had to stop calling names until the crowd quieted down a little.

Sam now looks forward to his future, and unfortunately that includes saying goodbye to Mason. Soon Mason will be retiring and Sam will have to adjust to having a new dog by his side. For now the two are savoring their accomplishment and enjoying the time they have left with each other.