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Hairy Putter Named Official Director of Barketing for Mendocino County, CA

by Amy Burkert

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Cairn Terrier Receives Promotion After Serving as Canine Ambassador Since 2009

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Hairy Putter at WorkMENDOCINO COUNTY, Calif. – (October 18, 2011) – As the author of the official four paw-approved countywide resource guide for pets, Cairn Terrier Hairy Putter is now  the official Director of Barketing of Visit Mendocino County, Inc., the official travel & tourism office of Mendocino County, as of September 15th. Hairy takes his job very seriously, and relishes supporting the growth of pet-friendly businesses throughout the area, as traveling with your pet reaches an all-time high and the opportunity to bring more tax revenue and tourism dollars into the County is ripe.

“With pet-friendly travel being one of the fastest growing segments of travel, having Hairy as part of our team will ensure the County maximizes the benefits of this growth,” VMC President and CEO Scott Schneider says.

Working closely with local businesses, lodging properties, wineries and more, Hairy is the official spokesperson for pet hospitality and tourism throughout Northern California. “It is with plenty of tail wagging excitement that, as Director of Barketing for Visit Mendocino County, I will officially be able to extend the paws of hospitality on behalf of the county to the world,” Hairy says.

Pet travel is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry in the US and Mendocino County prides itself in being a destination that has received praise for its hospitality to the pet traveler. Nearly 78% of pet owners travel with their dogs in tow, making Mendocino County a prime destination for families looking to share vacation and travel experiences with their four-legged friends.

Hairy Putter at Esterlina VineyardsAs the studious author of his own well-read blog ( )and the Hairy Putter Pet-Friendly Travel Guide to Mendocino County (third edition — largely expanded – coming soon), Hairy and his caretakers comb the county experiencing and chronicling pet-friendly services and destinations in order to spread the word on unique travel experiences that pets can enjoy. “We are thrilled and honored to have such an esteemed member of the canine community join our marketing efforts. Hairy has proven to be an invaluable partner and ambassador for Mendocino County,” Schneider says.

With numerous television, print and event appearances under his collar, Hairy is a true testament to the old adage “a dog’s work is never done.” From restaurants with pet-friendly menus, to hotels with custom pet accommodations to outdoor adventures perfect for pet participation, Hairy is in the know and wants to share his knowledge with you on your next visit to Mendocino County!

Mendocino County may well be the most pet-friendly county in California, featuring miles of rugged coastline, redwood forests, hiking, fishing, kayaking, whale watching, and wine tasting for you and your four-legged friend. For more information on Mendocino County, call 866-466-3636 (866-GoMendo) or visit