Haley Dreis – Where My Heart Is

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A new music video from Haley Dreis was filmed as part of her USC Honors College senior thesis project, and comes with a nifty perk -when the video reaches 10,000 views, $1,000 will be donated to PETS Inc. in Columbia, SC.

Might we spread this around a bit with that handy share button above and help her to reach that goal?  ♥

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22 thoughts on “Haley Dreis – Where My Heart Is”

  1. What a wonderful project and so well done! I have no doubt Haley will reach her 10,000 views. Something tells me she will be doing more videos. Maybe we will even see Jaba in them again, but bigger. Thanks Haley for bringing attention to all the homeless pets and encouraging adoption. Great job!


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