Halloween Three – Splash’s Revenge

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A nasty old man decides he doesn’t want dogs coming “trick or treating” to his door after last year’s escapades. The Kikopup dogs see the sign and then consult their doggy encyclopedia only to find out that if treats are not provided on Halloween, tricks are mandatory! Watch and see what shenanigans and mischief Kiko, Splash, Tug and Trisch have on tap!

7 thoughts on “Halloween Three – Splash’s Revenge”

  1. I watched this last night and laughed all the way through! Amazing dogs, amazing trainer and fantastic editing.

    A special thanks to the human star that always endures the brunt of the mischievous antics (this crew has made other videos) of the canine stars (you have to have a “bad guy” right?)

    Boy that Splash is one vindictive canine so don’t get on his bad side, ha, ha, ha! Kudos to all! Once again, I loved it!

    Say, you should consider a full feature film……..

  2. Those dogs are so well trained. They did a lot in this video. The bad guy did a good job too. Very cute.


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