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Hang Twenty! Canines Compete in 9th Annual Surf City Surf Dog Competition

by Amy Drew

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Surf was up in Huntington Beach, CA, this weekend as the world’s top canine surfers hung 20 in the 9th annual Surf City Surf Dog Competition.

Seventy canine competitors rode the swells with their human partners, each team for 10 minutes, catching as many waves as they could. Each was judged on their time spent on the board and the skill level required for the ride.

Ryan Thor carried his tiny pup into the water, but little Prince Dude Man needed no assistance on the board.

“He gets ready, crouches down and he feels the wave. He’ll actually move to steer the board and stay on the wave,” Thor told CBS Los Angeles.

Sophia Sadlowski brought her dog, as well. A former stray, now he and Sadlowski are the best of friends.

“He was at the shelter as a stray and he has been the joy of my life for awhile now – for two years. He’s just a wonderful dog,” she said.

For extra safety, junior lifeguards were on hand to help with rescues just in case any of the dogs needed help.