Happy Halloween!

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Last week we talked about Halloween safety.  I promised to post all the pictures you sent from then till now, and here they are!

I included a bunch from my own family and tried really hard to focus on dogs – I had some very cute pictures of hamsters, cats and a bird in costume, but I try (and sometimes succeed) to focus on dogs around here!  How cute are these guys??  Post links to your favorite pictures of dogs in costumes – including your own pets of course –  in the comment section and I will post them all next Halloween!

My Dad with Ernie and Ebony as French Poodles
Ernie and Ebony say "You look weird as a French Poodle!"
Frankie Helt Helping with the Pumpkin Carving
Frankie Helt, Tired from all that Pumpkin Carving
Tobi Bunny!
My Three Pandas - Joy, Noodle, Ebony and their Beagle Friend
Joy the Panda
Ernie Lobster
Ike and Pete Shulenberger, the Scary, Scary Ghosts

Next Up, Frankie Jarolim from Will My Dog Hate Me?

Cowboy Frankie
Mardi Gras Frankie
Sam Menze - Go Big Red!
Sam the Pirate - Arg!

Joy, Ebony and Noodle as Dominos
CD Sealock as a Baby Dog - I dunno, I assume it stands for "Cute Dog!"
My New Lucy-in-Law!  She would not pose nicely with her pumpkin like CD did!
And my Very Favorite Halloween Pic, Raisin, "My Name is Bill" and Zooey

Two more fun costumes and then I will let you move on to your Real Life Halloween celebration or more links of cute dogs in costumes…

The Super Cute Bones as an All Terrain Armored Transport

Thank you Martha!

Hulk Dog

Thank you Kelly!

Have a Wonderful Halloween!

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Next Week…Preparing for Blogathon 2011!


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