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Happy National Dog Day!

by Fred

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What better way to celebrate than in a hot tub?

Today is August 26, and dog lovers across the United States are celebrating the day.  So, to get things rolling right, here is a video that is sure to make you smile.  Also, feel free to share your favorite pic or video of you and your dog enjoying the day!

What does a dog need after a long day of doing dog stuff than a relaxing dip in a hot tub?  This little guy, named Cuzzie, clearly has his priorities all set.  This is a regular behavior for him according to his human, Danny Sam, who only allows him in for a few minutes at a time.

“He doesn’t mind the hot water and will press against it and croon his pleasure,” wrote Danny.





Is there really anything better?  We tend not to think so!  Happy National Dog Day, everyone!  Now let’s see those funny or cute dog photos and videos from you!