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Happy Valentine’s Dog! Dad Sends Bulldog Flowers Instead of Wife

by Amy Drew

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The Cardone family of Florida proved it has a great sense of humor this week when what seemed like a romantic gesture between marrieds turned out to be a get-well gesture for the family dog.

Lily Cardone, a college student, told BuzzFeed that her whole family adores their 10-year-old bulldog, Sebastian, but everyone knows that he and Lily’s dad are totally soulmates. Thee family has had Sebastian since he was a 9-month-old puppy.

image 15
Lily and Sebastian. Photo: Lily Cardone


Recently, Sebastian had to have ACL surgery. He is recovering like a champ, but Cardone’s dad wanted to make him feel extra special.

He decided to have flowers sent to the house — something he does quite often for Cardone’s mother. When mom got the delivery, naturally, she assumed the bouquet was for her!

Then she read the card!

image 16
What a sweet love note! LOL! Photo: Lily Cardone


Cardone said her mom thought the whole thing was hilarious, and shared the note and flowers on Facebook. When Cardone saw it, she of tweeted it.


The Twitterverse blew up when it say that face and those flowers, of course. The dog became a viral sensation. Lily tweeted a humorous summation that it was about time.


The staff of LWD wishes Sebastian a speedy recovery. Thanks for the laughs, Cardone family!

Happy convalescing, Sebastian! Photo: Lily Cardone