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Heaven Has Finally Been Found

by Melanie

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3.31.16 - Costa Rican Sanctuary1


What’s your idea of heaven?  A temperature of 75 degrees, lush rainforests, mountains…. and 900 dogs!  That’s what you’ll find here in this Costa Rican sanctuary, where dogs roam, play, and are sometimes adopted.

A man named Andrew George recently posted these photos on Facebook with the caption:


3.31.16 - Costa Rican Sanctuary2


The Land of Stray Dogs, or Territorio de Zaguates, in Costa Rica is considered one of the best places on the planet for a dog to live. This sprawling refuge allows all of its 900 citizens to range free during the day.

They are given fresh flowing water intermittently over the whole property and are given a bed in a sheltered structure where volunteers go to feed and bathe the dogs.


3.31.16 - Costa Rican Sanctuary3


This free range sanctuary explores how a free range environment improves health and adoptability. It is a no-kill shelter. Each dog is given a name and a unique breed name of their own (for their egos, lol).

If you wish to adopt you can schedule a walking hike on their property, and if any of them choose you, you will be allowed to adopt them. Of course, anyone is welcome to just come for a free hike to hang out with the dogs.



⬇️ English Perros y cartones! Una combinación divertida, debimos haberle hecho caso a Johnny hace tiempo.Dogs and cardboard! A fun combination, We should have listened to Johnny a long time ago!

Posted by Territorio de Zaguates Oficial on Thursday, March 31, 2016



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