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Would You Hire a Helicopter to Help Find Your Lost Dog?

by Katherine

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Lewis Blythe, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, was on vacation with his partner in Windermere and they brought along their boxer dog named Murphy, however, they never imagined their relaxing vacation would turn into a stressful and large search and rescue excursion when the dog got loose and lost.

It happened on Monday, April 14, 2014, at Angle Tarn, near Hartsop, Cumbria. Murphy somehow got away from his leash and ran into the wilderness. The couple started searching for the dog but could not find him. That’s when they turned to friends, social media, and celebrities to help them find their beloved pet.

Murphy is now back with his owner.
Murphy is now back with his owner.


A social media campaign was launched to raise funds to pay for a scent dog that could help track Murphy. Various mountain rescue teams were contacted and these organizations enlisted their members to help search, spread the word about the missing dog, and share the news about the ongoing fundraiser.

Soon celebrities like Jessica Biel, former England rugby captain Mike Tindall, and television presenter Clare Balding were re-tweeting messages about Murphy’s search and rescue mission.

The social media exposure raised enough funds (£1,000 ) to pay not only for the tracking dog, but also a one-hour-long helicopter search on Saturday, April 19.

Five days after getting lost, Murphy was found and reunited with Blythe all thanks to the helicopter search.

“[The dog] stuck out like a sore thumb with his red collar,” Blythe told BBC News. “He was absolutely fine, apart from an injured foot. I was very emotional. I don’t think we will ever forget this week.”

It is believed Murphy took refuge under some rocks and had some water source nearby, that helped keep him hydrated while lost.

We are glad the playful canine is safe back home with his loving owners.