Hello Dolly

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Dolly the Pit Bull (the video) started making the rounds last week, and a hectic work schedule meant that I had to wait for the weekend to get a chance to see this. I’m glad I set aside a few quiet moments to take it in and suggest that you do the same: it warrants your undivided attention, and when the tears start you’ll thank me. 😉

Life With Dogs post end paw print

22 thoughts on “Hello Dolly”

  1. What a beautiful dog you are Dolly. I am so sorry you had to go through this. But look at you now. You are adorable. I love your scarves and especially your little pink outfit. You have a good life now Dolly. You enjoy it as you deserve it. Bless you and your new family. They will take very good care of you and I know you will take good care of them. Have fun playing with your new family Dolly.

  2. Well dang, teary Monday morning. Sweet, sweet Dolly – bless that lovely woman for giving Dolly a chance to become all she could. Thx NB 4 post!

  3. My tears of sadness turned to tears of joy by the end of your video…
    Dolly you are just so beautiful, and I am so happy you have a safe home now with someone who loves you dearly.

    I also Love your outfits, you ARE a living DOLL!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful animal. So sorry Dolly that you had to go through what you did. You have a wonderful home now and seem very happy (I can tell from your smile)!

  5. I thank God for the outcome of this story…And all the people who helped Dolly and her new mom and dad. I am so happy for Dolly. Sadly, not all the pit bull stories have a happy ending. People who are caught fighting dogs should be shot on the spot. No questions asked, no chance to do it again. Have a beautiful, blessed life Dolly!


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