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Hero Dog Attacks Rapist to Save Owner

by Melanie

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KCSO mug of sex offender Ralph Young
KCSO mugshot of sex offender Ralph Young.


A Washington woman was saved from being sexually assaulted by her neighbor when her dog jumped on the bed and bit the man until he fled.

The Pacific Police Department says that convicted Level 2 sex offender Ralph Young attempted to rape a woman in his apartment building but was prevented from doing so by her dog.

Young knocked on the woman’s door and was allowed in because he was returning some dishes he had borrowed.  Once inside, he tried to kiss the woman and touch her body, but she refused his advances.  He pushed her into her bedroom and forced her down on the bed.

The woman yelled at him to stop and tried to fight him off, but he tore her clothes off.  Her dogs were in the bedroom and became distressed by what was happening.  They barked at Young, but he was unfazed.

One of the dogs jumped on the bed and started nipping at the rapist until he pulled his pants back up and fled the apartment.

The woman called police, who immediately contacted Young.  He denied entering the woman’s home, but his family members told police that he did go there to return dishes.  He was arrested and booked on second degree rape charges.  Records show that in 1995, Young was arrested for kidnapping, robbery and indecent liberties.

Hopefully he will spend the rest of his days in prison and the woman will be able to get over this horrific incident.  And hopefully she treated her dogs to a big steak dinner!