Hero Dog Saves Baby from Crawling into the Sea

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12.27.13 - Heroic Dogs of 2013 - Turkey

A dog in Turkey is being called a hero for being the first to notice and come to the rescue of a baby that started to crawl too close to the sea. The entire event was captured on video, and quickly went viral.

The baby’s mother was playing fetch with the dog on the beach near Kabak Bay when her baby started to crawl towards the water. The dog noticed the danger and ran to put himself between the baby and the water.

A moment later the mother picked up the baby and brought it to safety.

7 thoughts on “Hero Dog Saves Baby from Crawling into the Sea”

  1. dogs are great wonderful and very loyal i know my sweetie would die for me
    shes been my best friend for the last 8 years i dont understand how people could be so cruel to thier dogs i cant watch that kind of stuff but this video put a warm feeling in my heart and a smile on my face thank you


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