Hero Stray Desert Dog Finds Owners Again

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Last month we brought you the story of an Arizona dog named Ily, who survived living two months in the desert all thanks to another stray dog who kept her company. Well, the heroic stray named Buddy has found his original owners.

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130908-buddyIlly’s owner, Rose Sharman, says her pet only survived living as a desert stray because Budy kept her company and looked out for her.

Illy and Buddy were captured days apart by search volunteers who spotted the dogs running together and patiently waited for them to enter a cage baited with chicken.

While Ily was immediately reunited with Sharman, Buddy was cared for at Maricopa County Animal Care (MCACC).

According to Al Aguinaga with MCACC, Buddy had a collar when found. MCACC personnel contacted Buddy’s owners and learned they had given Buddy away to new owners and consequently had no idea the canine had been lost and living as a stray in the Arizona desert.

After MCACC tried to get in touch with Buddy’s current owners but weren’t successful, Buddy’s original owners gladly welcomed him back to their home.

“The original owner, they’re going to come in and have the dog licensed, vaccinated, altered, and have a great reunited peace,” Aguinaga told ABC 15.

Sharman also expressed interest in adopting Buddy, but she owns 4 dogs and is still healing from injuries sustained during the car accident.

We are happy that after everything Buddy did to keep Ily safe in the desert, helping her get back to her owner, he as well has a happy ending. This brave dog now has a loving home all to himself.


6 thoughts on “Hero Stray Desert Dog Finds Owners Again”

  1. they gave him away and didn’t think adoption was a lifetime obligation and now they are getting him back? How sad for him….after everything he’s been through..so easily tossed away..and now going back to the tossers….I’d give anything to get my deceased dog back….can’t even imagine not having my present dog..and others toss them away like yesterdays meal….sad….and unfortunate…

  2. Both SK & Anonymous – You have no idea why the original owner gave Buddy to the other people – no clue as to the circumstances at the time, or how they may have changed now. It is both rude and awfully cynical to automatically assume the worst of everyone but your own perfect self.

  3. @ PJ…that was my first thought as well. Not so much because they gave Buddy away, but because they didn’t keep in touch with the people they gave him to. How well could they possibly have known them? If circumstances dictated that I HAD to get rid of my dog for a valid reason, you bet your life I would be keeping in touch with whoever took him in.

    I think it was irresponsible of this story reporter not to mention why Buddy was given up in the first place.

    • I was wondering if in light of all the publicity they decided to take him back. They gave him away and apparently didn’t keep in touch. Doubt they had a contract or did a home visit. He wasn’t even neutered!
      Horrible things happen to dogs that are just given away and yet stupid people still do it.
      I sure hope the people have learned how to be more responsible and more caring.


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