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Heroic Homeless People Rescue Dog Hit by a Car

by Melanie

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10.29.14 - Heroic Homeless People Rescue Dog Hit by Car1

A one-year-old Shih Tzu’s life has been saved thanks to a pair of kindly people who have no place to go to even help themselves.  The Michigan pup was badly injured when he was struck by a car, but now he is on the road to recovery.

Earlier this month, Blitz was found in downtown Grand Rapids and was taken by the anonymous good Samaritans to a nearby fire department.  He was bleeding and had road rash and broken bones.  Firefighters brought him to the Kent County Animal Shelter, who sent him to Kelley’s Animal Shelter to treat his injuries.

Dr. James Kelley says Blitz suffered from serious fractures in his tiny rear legs, which requires pins to repair.  But Blitz was learning to adapt to life without proper medical care, which he likely wouldn’t have gotten had it not been for those heroic folks who vanished after their rescue.

“He was in pretty bad condition,” Kelley explained to WZZM 13.  “He couldn’t walk at all on either one of his back legs. To this day he walks only on his front feet. Once in a while he puts the leg down in back, but most of the time he’s walking on his front feet.”

A fundraiser page has been set up by the vet’s clinic to help cover the costs of treatment, giving Blitz his best chance at having a good life.  If you would like to make that happen by donating, please click here.  If you would like to adopt Blitz or any of the other shelter dogs or cats in need of a home, please click here.  You won’t find true love with a lower adoption fee!