Heroic Man’s Quest to Save a Dog from Death’s Door

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Wilson Martins Coitinho is a real hero.  He’s not an officer of the law or a soldier fighting in a war; he’s a hero that rescues dogs from the brink of death.  The following photos are on the graphic side, so viewer discretion is advised.

He not only managed to get an emaciated and very sick dog off the streets, but brought the dog back to full health.  The dog is currently staying with Coitinho, and is recovering quite nicely.  All of it thanks to this heroic man, and the medical care staff that helped treatments go smoothly.  All of them are very heroic people, and deserve some recognition for their efforts.

If you were to ask Mr. Coitinho what the reasons behind the effort are, he simply says, “Rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abused animals is just my thing.”

If you would like to see the full set of photos taken over time of Coitinho and the dog (there are many!), you can click here.  Quite a few of the photos are graphic, but they are so worth it to see this amazing transformation unfold.

6.4.15 - rescue1



6.4.15 - rescue2



6.4.15 - rescue3



6.4.15 - rescue4



6.4.15 - rescue5



6.4.15 - rescue6



6.4.15 - rescue7



6.4.15 - rescue8



6.4.15 - rescue9



6.4.15 - rescue10



6.4.15 - rescue11



6.4.15 - rescue12



6.4.15 - rescue13



6.4.15 - Rescue1



6.4.15 - Rescue2



6.4.15 - rescue14


35 thoughts on “Heroic Man’s Quest to Save a Dog from Death’s Door”

  1. That poor dog had to have been in such horrible pain. Bless this man and that dog. He looks so happy and he deserves all the happiness in the world.

  2. good one you brother, you are the reason the world still has hope…… may you be blessed with the best that life has to give, I have a feeling you have already found it, your actions speak louder than words

  3. There should be more concerned people as yourself saving these poor animals — I get so enraged when I see all the animal abuse stories and our laws in the United States are not protecting these innocent animals enough –

    Anyway, this dog has done an amazing recovery — last picture shows the love he has for you — hope you decide to keep him — thank you for all you do — I myself have four dogs and they are spoiled and loved —


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