Holiday Leftovers

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I wanted to share a few moments from a very happy holiday weekend before they escaped memory.

The girls were dressed in all their finery (thanks Jane!) in preparation for turkey prep spectating, an annual tradition.

A gift arrived from afar, and there was much rejoicing. This leash and collar from Patricia look stunning on Nigel…

…but it was the matching coat that pushed him over the edge, stroking his ego just enough to encourage that “You know you want me” look.

Sola spent much of the time sitting pretty and waiting for messy snackers to make themselves known to her. The girl loves her crumbs.

Random holiday snooter shot.

Truffles stalked the table relentlessly.

Nigel got all prettied up.

Chester sent all kinds of goodies – if you haven’t seen it yet, hit him up for a look at his annual calendar: it’s a winner. He sent bandanas for all, and when it was Sola’s turn she decided to go with the babushka look, quite fitting for a blustery winter day.

Finally, in an ironic twist, Nigel got his angel’s wings.  😉

Ours was a holiday to remember, thanks in no small part to those of you who reached out to us this Christmas season. We cherish the friendships we have made this year, and hope that 2011 finds you and your family happy, healthy and prosperous. We look forward to celebrating life with dogs in the coming year, and hope you will join us as we continue to build memories together and admire these beautiful best friends of ours.

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27 thoughts on “Holiday Leftovers”

  1. Well, as far as which thought Nigel is pondering in his red riding hoodie spectacular, we shall never know. But, “ditto” on building memories with these beautiful best friends of ours in 2011.

  2. Awww, NB, you finally got your wings – good boy! Thanks for sharing, here’s to a wonderful 2011 for all of us, especially the four-leggers!

  3. Oh I love Nigel’s new coat and collar –
    The kids all look great and full of Christmas Cheer!!
    Here’s to a Happy New Year !! 2011

  4. the calendar is FANTABULOUS!!! Due to the antics of Chester, Nigel. et al., I can’t place it atop my monitor where it SHOULD have a place of HONOR–but I shall CHERISH it!!!

  5. OMD, the coat is gorgeous, but not so sure Nigel really agrees:)

    We all echo your sentiments about the past year and the upcoming 2011. So glad to have become your friends too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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