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Homeless Man Lives in Car to Stay With Dog


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homelessRefusing to relinquish his faithful pet, Luke Male is living in his car after losing his job and his home.

Luke lost his job as a window fitter last month after a disagreement with his employer and found himself struggling to find new work. He had never been unemployed and was stranded without income.

The job loss strained his relationship with his girlfriend, and she asked him to move out of her house –  and into his car.

With no income and his 15-month old Staffordshire bull terrier Elvis relying on him, Luke said he cannot find housing – so the pair are living in his vehicle and getting by as best they can.

“I spend half the time walking around because it’s cold,” he said. “Sleeping in the car is cold too, and uncomfortable.”

Luke has been living in his car for more than two weeks now,  looking after Elvis while trying to find gainful employment. He will do this for as long as necessary if it means Elvis will be safe.

“I lost my job, ran out of money, and split with my missus,” he said. “I sold my TV, X-Box and vacuum cleaner to get by – my dog is all I’ve got left in the world and I’m not going to get rid of him.”

If you can help Luke, email [email protected].