Homeless Marmaduke

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This is a longshot, but we’ve heard from a number of readers in Taiwan over the years, and if any of you are close, you may want to seek out this dog.

This was filmed in March, but we received a message from a reader who said the dog was seen again in the park just a few days ago. The videographer says the dog was dumped the day this was filmed at LongTan park in PingJhen city, TaoYuan county. He told us attitudes about strays are much more relaxed in Taiwan than in the US, and that with over 2 million strays wandering the streets of the city, scenes like this one are commonplace.

Commonplace, perhaps – but this big dog is starving, plain and simple. It is our hope that one of you may find your way to him. If you are successful in doing so, please let us know.