Homeless, Scared, and Full of Quills

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From Vet Ranch:

“Affectionately named Piney, this poor stray tussled with a porcupine and then couldn’t eat, drink, or sleep for a couple days. Knowing he was in trouble, he allowed someone near him and they convinced him to get into a cage, and brought him to Vet Ranch. His story proves that a little love can go a long way.”




I tried finding more information about where in Texas Piney was taken or what happened to him, but I haven’t seen anything conclusive yet.  If there is an update, you’ll likely see it on Vet Ranch’s Facebook page.

32 thoughts on “Homeless, Scared, and Full of Quills”

  1. Hello,

    This doggy currently lives at my mom’s in south San Antonio. She is the one who took him to Vet Ranch for care, but she very much would like to find him a home with a nice family. He is a good dog, but unfortunately, she cannot care for him permanently. The area she lives in is notorious for people either dumping animals or just not taking care of them. They wander to her for food and water. She already has three large dogs, two of which adopted her in the same way Piney did. The day Piney was attacked by the porcupine, so too were her other dogs. Everyone wanted to charge quite a bit for each dog, luckily a very elder vet did it for much less but was pretty wiped out after three. Through social media and the grace of God, we were connected with Vet Ranch who patched up Piney and gave him a second chance. My mother really comes from very modest means and is not in great health. She has a good heart and wants what’s best for this little dog, so if anyone can help him find a good family and a furever home we would be very grateful.


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